Best Apps For Android To Save Snapchats Secretively And How To Save Snaps

You know Snapchat, I know Snapchat, Most of us know Snapchat as it is one of the most popular IM apps of all time. So, what it is that makes Snapchat so popular, many says its feature to destroy messages within few moments of receiving messages like Photo, Video etc.

You can actually save these files before they get destroyed, but the drawback is the sender will know that you have saved their files. Therefore, today I have come up with another solution where the sender will not know if you saved their snap.

There are many methods to save snaps without the senders knowing about them. Some are easy to follow and some are little complicated. However,  in this post we will guide you with the simple process to save Snapchats secretively. I have listed some of the best apps for Android to save Snapchats secretively.

Fact Check Snapchat!

Most of the us are well know to this Snapchat. It is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. This app has its own features and importance.

There are different features were built in. One of the feature among many is notifying the user if we take a screenshot of the snap. If you take a screenshot of your friend’s snap, then Snapchat automatically lets them know.

Still there is a possibility of taking the screenshot with out notifying. There are some apps to save Snapchats that you can readily use. Today we are going to explain about the apps which will help you in this..

How To Save Snapchats ? Best Apps For Android To Save Snapchats Secretively

Here are the list of top apps that show how to save snapchats without them knowing. Please go through the following description completely

1. iOS Screen Recorder

One of the easiest and most secure ways to save snaps and stories without notifying anyone. It works with almost every major version of iOS. Snapchat screen recorder can be used to record every activity of your screen. Later, you can save the video and edit it as per your needs. This is one of the Best Apps For Android To Save Snapchats Secretively.


How To Save Snapchats Using iOS Screen Recorder

  1. On your iPhone/iPad, and install the iOS Screen Recorder App fro, the link shared above.
  2.  Then there will be a question on privacy settings. It will ask you to trust the developer so iOS Screen Recorder can be installed on your iPhone.
  3. In order to enable just Tap on Settings > Device Management > iOS Screen Recorder developer and then tap on Trust.
  4. Open iOS Screen Recorder,  once it is installed and then you can customize the recording settings.
  5. Then tap on Next. iOS Screen Recorder will minimize its window and start to record the screen instantly.

2. MirrorGo Android Recorder

This one is also developed by dr.fone just like iOS screen recorder. It is specially designed for Android devices and let you mirror your screen to a bigger device wirelessly. The Snapchat save app can also be used to mirror any game or make video tutorials. It allows a feature to take screenshots as well as record screen activity.


Therefore, you can use it to screenshot pictures as well as save videos and stories.


  1. • Trial version freely available
  2. • Compatible with almost every Android device
  3. • Provides a way to take screenshots as well as record screen videos
  4. • Easy to use and extremely secure

These are the advantages with the application.

3. SnapSave

This application can be used for both and considered as best apps for Android to save Snapchats secretively. It is available for both, iOS and Android devices. Since you won’t find it on any official App store or Google Play page, you have to download it from a third-party location. Initially, the app was freely available, but now you have to pay $5 to access its web version.



• Works for iOS and Android


• It has a few bugs that might tamper with your account

• Not freely available

How to use Snapsave

Login to your Snapchat account via Snap Save using your Snapchat account information. One thing that I would like to remind here is you can’t use Snap Save and official Snapchat app together. Once you log into one, other one will automatically be logged out from another. Once you logged in, use Snap Save as your Snapchat client on your phone. Now try saving the snaps you find interesting. One more thing here is if you have opened a snap using the official Snapchat app, you can no longer save that snap using Snap Save.

These are the top applications that helps you in getting the snapchat stories, each and every thing. Stay tuned to this website for more latest updates on the new gadget releases, software updates, tech tips and many more.

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