Best Free Android Apps With Download Link 2017

Here Is The List Of Best Android Apps For Free

This list of Best Free Android Apps is very exclusive  due to two reasons stated below:

  • The list have only top five best apps for Android because we do not wanted to confuse you with adding multiple apps.
  • As the list is small, we have made sure to research thoroughly to give you best reviews of these apps.

The list will have apps that will take care of your all the daily needs for which you depend on app like music, docs, to do list etc. We have even shared the download the link for each app. This list is an updated list for the year 2017.

Why the craze for Apps ?

Every smartphone user wants to try new apps. There are different apps in different categories. Play store is the place where you can find huge number of apps that makes your gadget more special an attractive that makes different from other smartphones.

Today we are sharing you all the details about the applications that are trending this year and most of the users are using in their gadgets. There are different apps that related to different categories. Some apps are used for games, some are like photo editors, some of them are for calendar and many more. So today we are sharing the Best Android Apps and that to free. We can easily download the play store. Play store is the app which is the host for all the apps.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

There is a reason we have included Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on top our list.  It is because, your phone is only good if it is secure otherwise you install any kind of apps you might comprise your data. 

If any smartphone user want a free, effective and focused anti-malware app on your phone, Malwarebytes is worth to download. The space occupied by the app is very less and the UI if the app is very simple that every smartphone user can easily understand the functions of the application.

Instead, it focuses purely on protecting your device from malware and identifying potential privacy concerns.


You can download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Android from Here


The best weather app among many. It not only share the information about the temperature. Along with that it also shares the other factors, like wind. It is considered one of the most user friendly app.

One of its top feature includes handy rain warning that gives you an estimate in time before it’s likely to rain next. This application can be an addiction to the smartphone users who uses this application.

You can download Accuweather app for Android from Here.

You can also learn more about this app from Here.


For calendar Google’s app Google Calendar is mostly used application for this category. However, if you would like to use fancy just like a change of scenery and a few additional features, and all still for free, then SolCalendar is the app which can meet you r requirements and needs in the calendar category. It also includes a few different options of home screen widgets too.

You can download and learn more about this app from Here.

MX Player

MX Player isn’t the video player app that supports the widest range of file types. For example, you can easily integrate subtitles into anything you’re watching, and you also get control of how they appear on screen. You can choose between hardware or software decoding for your files, change the theme of the player, use gestures to control playback, or activate a lock mode so that no buttons are pressed accidentally.

You can download MX Player From Here

Truecaller: We do know that you’re aware about this app, but we had to included in the top 5 list of best Android app for free. It even comes in premium version with a lot more features and works great on Android devices.

This app is topping the list of most downloaded and most favorite apps among Android users. Rightly so because of it’s feature to detect or trace mobile number details.  It will give you users email ID, Facebook profile, along with name and location of any un known users.

You can download Truecaller app for Android From Here.

You can also get more details about Truecaller app from Here.

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